Saturday, 7 January 2017


TH8 GoHo:

Use the golems to trigger giant bombs and destroy some defences. Then use the hogs to destroy the rest. Leave some troops like archers to destroy huts in the corners or for cleanup.

TH7 DragLoon:

Use lightning to destroy one air defence and use dragons near the other ones. Place ballons around the dragons as shield and for support. Use hog from the cc for support. Bring cleanup troops like minions(I forgot this time :D)

Saturday, 24 December 2016


We have made a discord group to our clan to keep everyone connected to hope to get better scores in war.
So please join our discord group by clicking the link down below.

We have also won our first war in our clan 

So good job to everyone who particicpated!!

New Clan!!!

                                      New clan!!!

I am DrXDanger and im the leader of BlueRibbonArmy this is our new clan and we hope to grow andbe a great clan hope you enjoy your time with us!!!

Clan Rules:

*Do not ask for co leader or elder as these have to be earned by trust or activity.*Use both attacks in war and turn red if you dont want to war*Do not swear or bully others*To earn a high positon in the clan you have to join our group on discord (ask me or creeperman about this or read our next post)